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Donat Studios Officially Launches

After much ado, Donat Studios is finally live!

There are a few things left to complete. Eventually setting up the documentation and public git repository for CorpusPHP will certainly take up a fair amount of time. I'm still not quite sure what to put in my portfolio, I was thinking of for the time being just throwing a bunch of my sketches in there.

My reasoning and goals behind this site are slightly different than my other sites. More than anything I wanted a place where I could rant about everything web related. I have strong opinions on many topics, and where is good for movies and politics, and PHPStandards is pretty much just raw anger directed at Zend, and my live journal is for my personal life. Donat Studios on the other hand will allow me to express my thoughts on web development, databases, html, php, ajax, design, basically everything I do at work.

Where does the name "Donat Studios" come from? I was getting some photos printed by a great place in St. Paul, "White House Custom Color" and they needed to know the name of my studio. I didn't have a studio, so I quickly made up "Donat Studios". Later, I realized I liked the name, and it stuck.

Here's wishing my newest domain luck!

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