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All Glory to __invoke

Lost in the shiny new features (see: namespaces and closures) PHP 5.3 also added the __invoke method. While not plainly apparent, it is secretly an amazingly useful 'magic method' . If you're not taking advantage of __invoke, you should be. Why? It provides a uniform execution points for objects th…

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The Joys of UNIX Keyboards

I fell in love with a dead keyboard layout. A decade or so ago while helping a friends father clean out an old building, we came across an ancient Sun Microsystems server. We found it curious. Everything about it was different from what we were used to. The command line was black text on a white bac…

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Static::? More like Lies::

In my professional work, we have a system that utilizes __call and __callStatic for caching of certain method calls. We have been running into a problem where calling an undefined method via :: within the class itself will trigger __call rather than the expected __callStatic. The Problem The followi…

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Donat Studios Officially Launches

After much ado, Donat Studios is finally live! There are a few things left to complete. Eventually setting up the documentation and public git repository for CorpusPHP will certainly take up a fair amount of time. I'm still not quite sure what to put in my portfolio, I was thinking of for the time b…

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