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Similar CSS Color Finder

Update: CIEDE2000 support added to the existing CIE94 support. It would seem that very similar but non-identical colors seem to pop up often in CSS files of any reasonable age, and I became sick of them. This started as a little script to help me find them in a stylesheet, and grew into this full-fl…

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This is just a small collection of Bookmarklets I personally find useful. To use them simply click and drag them into your Bookmarks bar. Disable HTML 5 Validation Clicking this will disable html5 validation for all form elements on the page. Useful for testing server side validation while leavin…

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Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion Photo Booth Plist Rebuild/Repair Script

A while ago I upgraded from an aging MacBook Pro to a much more nubile MacBook Air. Delighted with the Air in every way, the only problem I encountered was the backup of the MacBook Pro I made I sold it was seemingly corrupted and would not mount. I did though have a backup of my Photo Booth Photos…

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Nusphere PhpED Dark Theme

It would seem there is a fair deal of call for an updated version of my PhpED dark theme from colleagues as well as random folks on the internet who’ve seen screenshots of my PhpED installation. I previously had my Dark Theme for 5 linked on my Review of PhpED, but I figured I could have a page d…

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