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Text to "Go String" Tool

Go currently lacks any sort of heredoc or similar syntax, and it's backtick syntax cannot contain backticks. This can make correctly encoded creating go strings, particularly for large strings that contain many backticks, a bit of a challenge.

Here's a tool to safely encode any given input to Go st…

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Similar CSS Color Finder

It would seem that very similar but non-identical colors seem to pop up often in CSS files of any reasonable age, and I became sick of them. This started as a little script to help me find them in a stylesheet, and grew into this full-fledged tool.

This tool will scan CSS and CSS-like files like Sa…

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This is just a small collection of Bookmarklets I personally find useful. To use them simply click and drag them into your Bookmarks bar.

Disable HTML 5 Validation

Clicking this will disable html5 validation for all form elements on the page. Useful for testing server side validation while leav…

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Nusphere PhpED Dark Theme

It would seem there is a fair deal of call for an updated version of my PhpED dark theme from colleagues as well as random folks on the internet who’ve seen screenshots of my PhpED installation. I previously had my Dark Theme for 5 linked on my Review of PhpED, but I figured I could have a page ded…

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Batch RewriteRule Generator

I find myself often needing to set up a large number of 301 redirects from an excel file of old to new url’s. Until this point, writing these had been a fairly exhausting process as you need to be certain to escape every character that could be picked up by the regular expression engine, or risk uni…

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