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CSV To Markdown Table Generator

Update July 8, 2019: Added more graceful pipe | and backslash \ handling.

While doing code reviews on Github I find myself profiling a lot of SQL queries, getting EXPLAIN output into a markdown format for Github became very important, and was a huge pain to do by hand.

While there were tools out there, nothing I could easily copy and paste tab seperated query results into, so I created this. The markdown this outputs should work with most table supporting Markdowns flavors such as Markdown Extra and Github Flavored Markdown.

The default tab separated setting is very useful for pasting straight from Excel or other tabular data sources like SQL editors.

Fork my source on Github!

Caveat - while it does essentially parse CSV it is not quotation mark aware. If need or demand arises I may look into it.

The script is available on Github and is Node.js ready. More details can be found on Github. It is also available via npm.

Comment by: Tats on

Super Easy Use!
Very useful!
Thanks a lot!

Comment by: Andrew Lane on

Andrew Lane GravatarLove this! Helped me out a ton.

Comment by: Jean on

that is nice dude

Comment by: Shaul on

Thanks! Really helpful

Comment by: JiangNan on

Thanks, it helps a lot!

Comment by: Nitin Bansal on

Nitin Bansal GravatarIt breaks if column value has commas in it, even though the entire value is wrapped in double quotes

Comment by: will on

That is great!

Comment by: Mitchell on

love it!

Comment by: Brady Holt on

Brady Holt GravatarI use this all the time. Thank you!

Comment by: Hemal Jivani on

Hemal Jivani GravatarThanks so much for this nice tool

I use it all the time and its awesome piece of work.

Comment by: ryan on

very nice !!

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szabacsik Gravatarvery useful very like thank you!

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ferrrari GravatarExcellent! Super easy to use and extremely helpful. Saves so much time! Thank you very much & keep up the good work!

Comment by: mohammad on

I just love it!!!

Comment by: Brady on

Brady GravatarI use this all the time - thank you!

Comment by: Dawn on

Dawn GravatarThank you so much for this! Bookmarked!

Comment by: Matthew Dolman on

Matthew Dolman GravatarWould be great if there wasn't a space character at the end of each line. Some markdown applications (Hugo) can't handle this.

Comment by: Alex on

Alex GravatarThanks, it is very useful tool, my friend Daniel who recommend me

Comment by: Richard on

Richard GravatarFab. Thanks. Copied table straight out of Google sheets and it converted it perfectly. Thanks.

Comment by: Deepak on

Very useful. Thanks

Comment by: Kris on

Kris GravatarGreat tool! Love that it supports pasting TSVs!

Comment by: Lewis on

Lewis GravatarGreat tool. Any chance of a vscode integration?

Comment by: Andreas on

Andreas GravatarExcellent! Thank you!

Comment by: Raul Liborio on

Raul Liborio GravatarGreat! Thanks for this awesome tool.

Comment by: Mhg on

Mhg GravatarWow!

Esto ahorra muchos problemas.

Muchas gracias.

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Manishdan GravatarExcellent! Thank you!

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Henk Rijks GravatarThanks! You saved me a lot of time and hassle. Appreciate it very much.

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hoverhuang GravatarThank you so much. You saved my working time too much.

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typebrook GravatarSaved my day, many thanks!

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Eric GravatarFantastic. Thank you!

Comment by: Ted on

Ted GravatarThanks, Works well for what i needed

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Comment by: Andy on

Andy GravatarAwesome time saver, thanks so much : ]

Comment by: Caroline on

Caroline GravatarThank you!

Comment by: Qufei on

Qufei GravatarAmazing! This is such a time saver! Thanks so much!!

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Marie Moore GravatarYou are a life saver! Thank you thank you thank you

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