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Convert MPO to Anaglyph or Stereoscopic JPEG

Convert MPO to JPEG

This tool converts MPO files from devices like the Nintendo 3DS, Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D, or other 3D cameras that support MPO files, into more usable JPEGs (.jpg). It's useful for viewing and sharing 3D photos in a more commonly used format.

Unlike many other online tools that simply strip one of the eyes from the result, presenting you with a single image, this tool incorporates both the left and right photos, preserving the depth and detail of the original 3D images.

Additionally, it can convert MPO files into an anaglyph format, allowing the images to be viewed with standard bi-color 3D glasses.

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Comment by: eeemartin on

eeemartin's Gravatar Nice Job !
An automatic function "convert to anaglyph" (green / red) would be nice :-)


Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat's Gravatar @eeemartin
I had not really considered the possibility but that is definitely worth looking into. Thank you for the great suggestion!

Comment by: Antonio on

Antonio's Gravatar Very interesting! But, do you know any method to convert a Stereoscopic or Anaglyph image to into an MPO file, in order to see it in the 3DS?


Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat's Gravatar @Antonio

The MPO format is super simple - you simply take two jpegs, EXIF and all and literally just concatenate them together.

I don't know how technical your background is, but with a simple photo editor and even just a binary safe text editor you could make an MPO - basically you just need to first break the stereoscopic image into two jpeg files using photoshop or something, then just stick them end to end in the same file and change the extension to MPO. In my playing with the 3DS it actually doesn't seem very picky in what it accepts for MPO's so you're probably in luck.

I don't think this would be something I'd implement now, but if I get more requests for it I may consider it.

Comment by: Antonio on

Antonio's Gravatar Thanks Jesse! My technical background it's enough to split a JPEG image into two JPEG's :) So I'm probably in luck!

Really appreciate you're help! I'll post here when I get this working!

Comment by: Chris on

Chris's Gravatar I was curious, I'm able to create a .JPEG that is the same image end to end and change the file extension to .MPO but when I insert the SD Card back into my 3DS I'm not able to view it...

Am I missing something? By the way, awesome work!

Comment by: Bob W on

Bob W's Gravatar Is there a mailing list available for this project to follow?

With the advent of the 3DS, I can see this being handy, especially when the code is re-factored.

Also, I'm not too familiar with how GD library works. Is it possible to store the anagylph image instead?

Comment by: Nick on

Nick's Gravatar Nice, but I only have a red/cyan glasses, please support this!
oh.. an optimized color or gray-scale anaglyph would be nice also! :-)

Comment by: Nick on

Nick's Gravatar I'm trying to make a converter for JPG to MPO in PHP. I want to be able to view other 3D images on my Nintendo 3ds. But for some reason it still does not work. How does the EXIF data needs to look like? My 3ds does not accept the MPO file.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat's Gravatar @Nick - I've only done some limited testing with doing the reverse, eg: creating an MPO - but it worked for me litterally just concatinating two images of equal dimensions end to end, two exif entries and all.

Comment by: Pedro on

Pedro's Gravatar Am I doing it wrong or are stereo jpg pictures inverted?

Comment by: kenmyers on

kenmyers's Gravatar Can you do anaglyph to .mpo? I have some NASA images I want to view on my 3DS.

Comment by: Jan on

Jan's Gravatar Hello, are you going to publish source for Anaglyph?

Thank you.

Comment by: Valentina on

Valentina's Gravatar Thank you very much! I've eventually found a way to split mpo files!

Comment by: Anthony on

Anthony's Gravatar Are u able to convert MPO into depth-map?

Better still if from MPO to generate into quilt in columns & rows.

That can be read by LookingGlassFactory holograph.


Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat's Gravatar There's no actual 3D calculations being done here. It's simpler than that. MPO is literally 'Multi Picture Object'. It's a format that concatenates 2 (or sometimes more) images.

What this does do is either lay out these images next to each other "Stereoscopic" or layer them together "Anaglyph" adjusting each image to fit into the color range needed for the different color lenses.

Creating a depth map is an order of magnitude more complex than anything this is attempting.

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