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Nusphere PhpED Dark Theme

It would seem there is a fair deal of call for an updated version of my PhpED dark theme from colleagues as well as random folks on the internet who’ve seen screenshots of my PhpED installation. I previously had my Dark Theme for 5 linked on my Review of PhpED, but I figured I could have a page dedicated to it.

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Download and Installation

The first step is to download the proper version.
Click here to download the PhpED 6 Version or here to download the PhpED 5 Version.

After you have downloaded the file you will need to replace your hl.cfg.

In Windows 7 or Vista this should be located in or around:

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\[Roaming / Local]\NuSphere\PhpED\config

Likewise in XP it should be located in something like:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Application Data\NuSphere\PhpED\config

The final step is to simply change your background color to a dark color. The background color is oddly saved in a different configuration file than the highlighting. This can be found in ToolsSettingsEditorAppearance

While you're in there you may want to tweak the settings some to your taste, but that is all there is to it.

Comment by: Jaimil on

Jaimil's Gravatar Hey! This is excellent!

However, can you tell us exactly the colors you have used? in RGB format if possible? Because even after the installation of your Dark Theme, some colors don't appear properly or are different.

Once again, great work! I really appreciate it.

Also, can you kindly tell me which font you are using. Thank you!

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat's Gravatar It works as well as it can - it just happens that PhpED doesn't store all the color settings in the hl.cfg file and some of them are in a file with your other settings - so short of writing a script to patch it, I'm kind of SOL putting that out.

Comment by: geocine on

geocine's Gravatar Hi Jesse,

Can you make something for PHP 5.3. Or, how can I copy these settings to 5.3 project.


Comment by: achmad on

achmad's Gravatar Thanks! great color theme. I hope they provide some feature to easily change color scheme for phpEd

Comment by: Tom on

Tom's Gravatar Can confirm have imported the v6 XML into v7 and it seemed to work fine

Comment by: Martin on

Martin's Gravatar What XML ? The file is hl.cfg
This didn't work for me for version 7.0.

I tryed
Which is old and not that nice, but does work, because it also attaches registry keys!

Anyway thanks for sharing this very nice theme.

Comment by: furra on

furra's Gravatar somehow i can not change the css delimiters etc

Comment by: Jordan on

Jordan's Gravatar Awesome, thank you! A couple of the colors don't show up properly, but I've listed the ones I had to change below:

- Background: RGB(12, 16, 33)
- Default Text Color: White
- Line Highlight: RGB(48, 52, 66)

Comment by: Shopgoot on

Shopgoot's Gravatar Ahhh.... finally i get to spare my eyes :) thanks for this!

Comment by: U50D on

U50D's Gravatar Dark theme for PhpED 8.1 and 9.0

Comment by: SoulSeeker on

SoulSeeker's Gravatar I eagerly await a version for phped 13.
Thanx in advance

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