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Pixel Circle / Oval Generator

Update 2020-08-11 Sorry for the advertisement. With the COVID outbreak, my wife is out of work and money has been a little tight. I don't plan on making it a permanent fixture. I welcome you to use Brave (affiliate link) to block it.

Playing Minecraft, I like making circular things. I used a chart while I was building, but wanted to be able to make variable size ovals which is something I couldn't find a decent chart of or generator capable of, so I created this!


If you appreciate this tool, please consider a donation. It truly helps me out.



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Comment by: Ray on

Ray GravatarNice. I like the javascript effects.

If anybody else is interested in a 3d version, I have one over at:

Comment by: thect95 on

sweet! thanks alot :D:D:D

Comment by: Fudge on

Fudge GravatarCheers its a big help
If you are intrested on what im creating check out,

Comment by: i built a dome on

thanks this helped a lot in building by giant dome!

Comment by: Marc on

Marc GravatarThanks for creating this, will be using this alot in my upcoming builds!

Comment by: Robeomega on

Robeomega GravatarI think it should have an option to download a picture of it and a zoom out button when for my mob arena im working at 223 X 223 its very hard to have to scroll and I end up printscreening it

Comment by: braden tribble on

thanks a lot. this will help me build my imperial city.

Comment by: Jzzez on

Jzzez GravatarThanks so much i just finished my castle useing these designs as the colums!

Comment by: hunterbuscus_3rd on

hunterbuscus_3rd GravatarIs it also possible to create a circle around 4 blocks instead of 1 like here?
thank you very much, extremely useful!

Comment by: epic hobbit on

thanks now i can build minas tirith

Comment by: GHOST on

GHOST GravatarIs there a download to this?

Comment by: HolingWolf10 on

Thanks, this is going to help a ton with my bowl build.

Comment by: Wycratius on

New version is so much faster, thanks!

Comment by: Shirogane_Naoto on

Shirogane_Naoto GravatarYou have my gratitude, this has helped in in more ways than one.

Comment by: Deph3kt on

Deph3kt GravatarWow. Thanks, service with a smile there! I'll be sure to refer back to this while I build. You could make a 3-D version for domes and spheres!

Comment by: Maverick on

Maverick GravatarThanks, helped ALOT! Wish there was a way to zoom in, but otherwise fantastic!

Comment by: Anonymous on

Anonymous GravatarThis is great, but I pressed filled, and now I can't get it back. Help?

Comment by: RockOfDoom (nickname) on

RockOfDoom (nickname) Gravatarhow do i see my result, theres no where to hit enter or something to send my numbers through or something.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat GravatarIt should appear instantly as you change the value. If you could provide some information on what browser and version you are using I can look into the problem.

Comment by: 840 on


Comment by: hazzmatt4 on

hazzmatt4 GravatarThis would be a great app that I would defiantly pay 99 cents for. Great design tool!

Comment by: Mormoran on

Mormoran GravatarCould it be possible to make it so we can change the color on the tiles by clicking on them? It'd be a lot easier to know how far you are without having to alt+tab several times in a row to count very tiny pixels!

Also, if you could make it so it shows a cross with the intersection at the middle (2 wide if the number of blocks is even so the intersection is a 2x2 square) it'd be awesome in helping to count how many blocks you need to dig/construct!

Comment by: Dzwsin on

Dzwsin GravatarHave you considered selling this a s an android/IOs app? also it would be a nice download for a small computer application.

Comment by: arctic troll on

arctic troll Gravatarfinally learnt how to make a 1x1 circle

Comment by: Roland on

how cool!
thanks so much

Comment by: pezza jnr on

thanks so much i can build del palace now

Comment by: Time Master T on

Time Master T Gravatarcould not get this to work using Mozilla Iceweasle (unbranded Firefox)

Comment by: MarcoN on

MarcoN GravatarI am developing a shape builder for the computercraft mod. A few users have mentioned that smaller circles don't look circular, and I agree. Your circles are way better, but I have no experience (other than a node.js hello world) in javascript programming and I can't figure out how your code is figuring out what blocks are in the circle and which aren't. Could you explain in just simple math, or pseudocode? For example the code we use goes block by block in the bounding area. On each block it uses the pythagorean theorem to find distance to the center of that block to the center of the circle, if the distance is in the range radius-(radius+sqrt(3)) it places a block there. I would like to see if I could optimise my method with bits from yours, but like I said, I don't know javascript well enough to interpret. And by the way, I like your program the best out of all of the generators out there, smoothest performance and best looking final results.

BTW Happy one year :)

Comment by: Bobby Anaya on

Bobby Anaya GravatarWould it be possible to graph two at a time? For example, creating a race track would require a circle proportional to another inside the outer one thus needing to graph them at the same time

Comment by: Mitch on

Mitch GravatarHow do you put it to your minecraft pe once you have designed your thing
Respond back to me

Comment by: Rumaan on

Rumaan GravatarI'm using this to work on a large project in CivCraft. This is a huge help. One suggestion I have is the ability to only show 1/4 of the circle. It's all I'm really using, and since the circle is 193 blocks across, having the rest showing makes it so that I can't see the individual blocks. Two other good suggestions are to have a way of marking blocks you've built already and a way to download a picture of the circle/shape.

Thanks for taking to time to make such a useful program!

Comment by: MarcoN on

MarcoN Gravatar@Rumaan just slide the "Scale" slider to the right a bit and use the scroll bars to position it.

Comment by: justagirl on

justagirl GravatarI used this to build a great arena

Comment by: MAT_0088 on

MAT_0088 GravatarTo build a circle in minecraft is a hard task. This took 30sec. to build one

Comment by: Voussoir on

Voussoir GravatarBrilliant! Very easy to use, you saved a ton of time!

Comment by: Fiveheads on

Fiveheads GravatarI have been using this generator for nearly a year on my phone with no issues. I have been making semi circles in my castle that step up each level so it has a colisseum look. However, every time I load this page, in the box were width and height are, all that's entered in there is NaN. I can't add to or delete it. Rendering this generator useless to mw now, and there are no other generators that work for me. Marvellous.

Comment by: Wallsies on

Wallsies GravatarCheers mate helped me build my quidditch stadium!!

Comment by: USS Cuttlefish on

USS Cuttlefish GravatarThanks for this. I am building a 501 diameter space station in starmade and it would have taken forever to figure out how to build it right without this.

Comment by: Fire on

Fire GravatarThis is one of the most helpful things I've ever found. Thanks!

Comment by: Floriaan on

Floriaan Gravatari kom from holland and i aim to such a program for building round circles for Minecraft

Comment by: RevVictorEliasi on

RevVictorEliasi GravatarJesse, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. It's wonderful to see the multitude of ideas and creations that people have put together. And with this generator, more ideas will manifest even more easily. Thank you and may our Creator continue to bless you with even more ideas. Cheers and namaste!

Comment by: minefreakster on

minefreakster Gravatarthx so helpful wish I could save the image and open it in paint

Comment by: Ali-M on

Ali-M GravatarThanx alot... this helped alot in my creation :D (y)

Comment by: Ed on

Ed Gravatarcan you add something where we can click on pixels to highlight them, or delete them? it got hard remembering where i was making a 111x111 circle.

Comment by: Anon on

Anon Gravatar

If you want to save the result to an image there is a way. If you look at the page source or use your browser's "inspect element" on the result, you'll see and svg tag.

<svg id="svg_circle" viewBox="0 0 924 924" height="3000px" width="3000px" xmlns="" style="">

from there copy the source to the closing svg tag, including the svg tags


Then you can take that and paste it into notepad and save as an SVG file, then you can open it in GIMP or some other software that supports SVG files.

Comment by: Deadman on

Deadman Gravatarif anyone could send me a really big version of a 1466 lenght circle, that would be great. beacause this is to small to show me the full thing in detail, and i need to know because i am making a replica of deep space nine replica on starmade, thanks for any help i get

Comment by: Erutuon on

Erutuon GravatarCan you create a feature by which you can break the circle or oval in half or quarters? That would help me use it to create the side of a building. You could use checkboxes for top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right quarters to make it more intuitive.

Comment by: Aether Power on

Aether Power GravatarThanks a ton! I'm at 80% on my Roman Colosseum on my friends server XD

Comment by: andrew on

andrew GravatarThis is not useful i wanted to make my circle have a middle but it never will with this chart

Comment by: Some1special on

Some1special GravatarAmazing tool for wannabe minecraft architects.. like me :)

Comment by: Austinthemighty on

Austinthemighty Gravatarit whould be so cool for an ios app, have you started working on it yet?
also xcode is free to download and use.

Comment by: Voloki on

Voloki GravatarI would suggest having it available so you can shade parts of the circle you have already completed, I think this would make it easier for people. I myself have to tab in and out to get the picture of the circle so I can copy it over to the game.I have a terrible memory, so I cannot remember where I left off.

If you were to add this, it would be fantastic. I would very happy if you were to add this.

Comment by: Brett on

Brett GravatarI like it but I find it meddlesome to have to count out every pixel and for mega build size shapes it doesn't zoom in enough for a block count to double check the accuracy
A text output that tells you how long of strips to build in order

Comment by: legoassassin57 on

legoassassin57 Gravatarthis is extremely helpful for building Starships in starmade :) thx ill never have a crooked USS Enterprise again

Comment by: Maffus on

Maffus GravatarI have found this very useful, though I use it for StarMade not Minecraft. It took a LONG time to build my 100*100 circle xD

Comment by: rebelgold on

rebelgold Gravatarthis is really helpful in my base
which has 20, 40, 80, 160, and 200 size circles

Comment by: Someguy on

Someguy GravatarWow, this is incredibly useful in a project of mine. Making a 505*505 circle is nigh impossible without it. :D

Comment by: Flyingbanana1 on

Flyingbanana1 GravatarThank you this has been invaluable to me in my build . the best ideas are always the simple ones

Comment by: Cliff T on

Cliff T GravatarI can't get it go below double digits, every time i completely remove a value form the box a get NAN it I I have to refresh the page.

Comment by: Richard Morgan on

Richard Morgan GravatarI just donated to the fund because I use the page so much in Everquest Landmark closed beta testing. The only issue I have is that for REALLY large circles it is very difficult to count out the squares. Is there any way to maybe make a larger picture when the numbers are larger? Thanks for such a useful tool. If only it could do pentagons and dodecahedrons I would be in heaven.

Comment by: Chaotic on

Chaotic GravatarI have been using this for a long time now, and it's been a great help in my builds. A great feature would be if you could only view a 1/4 of the circle if it's a circle or 1/2 if it's an oval as when I'm building circles with a diameter of over 500 I have to zoom in all the way on the scale factor, and then zoom in on the web page just to see the pattern.

But this is amazing, especially useful for the build of Thriller Bark I made, which if I was sane would have been a lot smaller but hey, I wanted it to be to scale so the diameter of the outer walls reached 575.

Comment by: J on

J GravatarIt would be nice if there was an easy way to count down, because I save and quit and I have to manually count back to where I was on a 720 diameter circle

Comment by: Paul2332 on

Paul2332 GravatarThanks! I use it all the time.
Is it possible the Circle Generator could
print out the coordinates of the perimeter pixels, given the center point?

Then I would donate!!!

Comment by: lamrdan on

lamrdan GravatarHelped at building a USS Enterprise :D

Comment by: justimtime on

justimtime GravatarNowhere could I find a chart that would give me a circle with a 253 block diameter (big big build) this thing is amazing and I now have it on my quick access on my kondle

Comment by: nicolasisinacage on

nicolasisinacage GravatarI got frustrated trying to make a big dome (I had only made little ones previously) and a quick google search turned this up. Thanks, man.

Comment by: Anonymous, expect us (JK) on

extreamly useful

Comment by: Cadet Petty Officer 3 Graham on

Cadet Petty Officer 3 Graham GravatarI tried to use plots on my tablet so I found you website and I love how I could zoom in like usual thanks a lot.

Comment by: Seth on

Seth GravatarI'd give you $60 if I had it, but hey, I'm just a loser who plays minecraft :P
keep up hopes though! i mean... like... i guess?

Comment by: T0X1CCAT on

T0X1CCAT Gravatarawesome it helped me build a skyblock build

Comment by: IsaacsLaughing on

IsaacsLaughing GravatarThe center line helps a lot! I had to use it to align screencaps of my circle. An option to save as image would be useful.

Comment by: Ssilver on

Ssilver GravatarThis tool is great! However, after making 10 circles that steadily get larger and larger, I noticed that the red color of the boxes starts hurting my eyes :( Is there any way to have a color changing option?

Comment by: Someone on

Someone GravatarReally neat thing! I like it :)
I'd donate you the missing $35 (by the time you are viewing this, it's probably not $35 anymore) if I could...
BTW I like the secret elephant, some really nice ASCII art... :D (poking in the source code :) )

Comment by: DragonBoy555 on

DragonBoy555 GravatarI wish you could see the center point

Comment by: christo2610 on

Thanks! now I can make my own circular arena!

Comment by: hgf on

hgf GravatarCan u reference me to a STAR generator? I'm trying to make Hammer Kirby, and I keep srewing up the star, help plz!?

Comment by: Waph on

Waph GravatarI made a really big thing out of circles.

Comment by: zach on

zach GravatarI am using this for about a week on my kindle fire and I was wondering if you could add a save button that saves it as a image, is an idea. But this is very great thanks so much for letting us use it.

Comment by: Amethyst on

Amethyst GravatarThis has really helped me make class spheres using just the 2D circles. All I have a a suggestion is maybe make the little lines that are like a plus sign a little more obvious so it's maybe easier to count for some people to make it easier for them to centre it out? (Like making a huge circular tree or something)

Comment by: Jordan on

Jordan GravatarThanks for making this it really helps me out a lot. I've been using this page for a while and it's helped me build many things. So once again thank you for making this.

Comment by: Nerfrunner on

Nerfrunner GravatarThank you so much, I am building a massive ship in space engineers (291 blocks long) and this has been such a great help!
Also, if anyone wants to save a picture of their circle and are using a mac you can go into the "Grab" program and take pictures of part of your screen.

Comment by: JeffTeck on

JeffTeck GravatarJust a suggestion here, I dont know if someone said it before.
It would be nice to be able to click and color the blocks so we know what we have built yet.

Comment by: Josh on

Josh GravatarThis has been so helpful to me in my minecraft projects.

One suggestion I would make would be to offer a numerical version so I can see exactly how many blocks I have to lay, in order to make one quarter of of the circle without having to squint and count the pixels on the screen.

I regularly work with circles that are around the 500 diameter range so as you can imagine, figuring out exactly what blocks I need to put down can be grating on my eyes and, if I miscount, my patience.

Comment by: thatoneguyyoudontknow on

thatoneguyyoudontknow Gravatarbruh thx i use this all the time its amazing for al my builds i do for major servers

Comment by: george on

george Gravatarits very amazing for all my bilding

Comment by: Cari on

Cari GravatarI don't do Minecraft, but I do Perler Bead crafts (aka Hama beads or Fuse beads). Beads are placed on a peg-studded board to hold them in place, then fused together with heat from an iron when the design is complete. I was trying to make circles on a square grid peg board and having a terrible time--until I found this! THANK YOU!

Comment by: JEFF on

JEFF GravatarThx for this, will be using it in my massive tree on BeastsMC - an epic creative server with freebuild, plots and an awesome community! Join!

Comment by: G on

G GravatarCould there be a tool that lets you make rings that have a filled-in circle but have an inner circle cut out?

Comment by: zeppelans on

zeppelans Gravatarthis is also really useful for another block-based sandbox game called terraria, thanks! but for bigger circles it can be really hard to memorize where you left :(

Comment by: MisterGhost on

MisterGhost GravatarCan you include something to mark the center? And something to list the radius of the circle?

Comment by: Hi on

Hi GravatarHey, I would like to see this one with a center of 2x2 instead of the 1x1. THanks in advance!

Comment by: TheRedLombx on

TheRedLombx GravatarThank you! I was having trouble making a circular arena for my new Ps3 hunger games map! this has helped sooooooooo much.

Comment by: Nathan Smith on

Nathan Smith GravatarWill Definately be using this when building my version of The Lost City Of Atlantis map on Ps3. Just wish the lengths were numbered.

Comment by: Turtle on

Turtle GravatarHey thanks I saw this from a YouTube and I needed to make a meteor I'll need this alot

Comment by: The Noble Kay on

The Noble Kay GravatarAfter using this for over a year now, I can say that I love you for this <3

Comment by: Bob on

Bob GravatarThis is a good program for building on terraria.
You. Might add that into your description. This help me build biospheres.thanks!

Comment by: Jose on


Comment by: Rolo on

Rolo GravatarReally useful, especially when it comes to world-edit sylinder and circle commands! Thanks a tonne for this!

Comment by: alisha on

alisha GravatarHi I'm creating the golden cage asuna is trapped in from sword art online and this is really use full to create the two circles for the birdcage she is trappped in thanx a bunch!

Comment by: Anonymous on

Anonymous GravatarThis is a great tool, but if you continue to work on it, you should have the option to generate multiple circles so that you can get an idea of what outer and inner circle's will look like together.

Comment by: NightSlayer on

NightSlayer Gravataruseful for when your creating a circle with a diameter of 699 :)

Comment by: Fyreuk on

Fyreuk GravatarHi well done the team love this tool when building. We can finally delete the rubish pixel app that takes up loads of space. Well done buddy.

Comment by: Techno Man on

Techno Man GravatarThanks so much for this. Can you add a center point so I know where the middle is?

Comment by: Check twice build once on

Check twice build once GravatarHaving a few issues with this program. Trying to create a sphere to encapsulate the spawnable area for hostile mobs (wiki: 128 radius from player). So I doubled the radius to 256 then generate a sphere based on that. Before I started I plotted out 6 points all starting out from the 0/0 axis in the end (which I removed all end stone). Markers were placed exactly 128 bocks up, down, left and right so it covers all X/Y/Z directions. When building the sphere I noticed that the 2D sides did not meet up with my (triple checked) reference points mentioned above. The sphere generated by this program seemed too big ( by quite a sizeable margin I might add). Thinking it was my error I recounted the chart...three times...rebuilt...three times...but still no joy. This is a great generator to make spheres...not denying that....but for really technical mapping it's fairly inaccurate in "true to size" builds. Sorry to rain on your parade but thinking I might add this footnote for other builders like myself thus saving them time. But hey....if your just after a good looking sphere this is the program for you.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat GravatarYour math is simply bad. If you have a radius of 128 the diameter in pixel universe will be 255, not 256, because one of those blocks is the center. That is your issue.

My circles are mathematically correct. The math in fact is particularly simple.

Comment by: Check twice, write once on

Check twice, write once GravatarEgg on face, foot in mouth...comment above humbly retracted. Seems I was factoring in an extra block by mistake. Circles ARE true to size. Big enough to know when I'm wrong. Thanks for the correction.

Comment by: APC_Gaming on

APC_Gaming GravatarThanks alot, this is super helpful in mega-builds, used it both for my laboratory and my castle. it's super effective!

Comment by: James on

James Gravatarthis is really usefull for people who need circles in minecraft, its also usefull for people who play in terraria, like me! but im making a dome on my world, and it would be super useful if you could tick an option that puts a cross in the middle so you know where the middle is, thats my only bad thought on this program

Comment by: Viren on

Viren GravatarThx this has helped me a lot

Comment by: Sean on

Sean GravatarThanks-I actually used this for space engineers! Just made a ring around my space station.

Comment by: gus on

gus Gravatarthe only thing i recommend is something that states how much the volume of hte circle will be in my case a 34X34 circle apparently has 912 blocks in it including the sides(probably fudged the maths somehow) other wise great work

Comment by: WIPocket on

WIPocket GravatarWhat is the math behind this?

Comment by: minecraft_austin on


Comment by: Minecraft_rules on

Minecraft_rules GravatarLove this works well but my iPad freezers when I go above 600 anyway love it

Comment by: Kein_Craft on

thanks so much :D

Comment by: Kein_Craft on

Kein_Craft GravatarI am currently working on 1000x1000 and its really hard
and 100x100 for my skyblock
thanks so much it helps me alot

Comment by: darcipeeps on

darcipeeps GravatarVery nice generator. I used to have to use Neil Fraser Voxel Sphere Generator then find the middle slice to get a circle :o This is a whole lot more convenient.

Only suggestion: Add code so that a block can be highlighted so people won't lose their place while building :)

Comment by: Tiffany on

Tiffany Gravatarnice one, this is helpful with some bio-spheres im building. great job and as many people have suggested if you could highlight the squares that would be great.


Comment by: TobiasR on

TobiasR GravatarHello, are there a formula for making a circle in minecraft?


Comment by: Nekkii on

Thanks a lot ! Helped me with a building in Terraria.

Comment by: Mcplayersteve on

Mcplayersteve GravatarUsing it to build a centaur class starship full size. I tried to do the saucer shape by eye but failed critically. This is really useful!

Comment by: RavenGodGaming on

RavenGodGaming GravatarThanks. I needed this because I was planning on making a floating island in the sky and I wanted it to be circular. Thanks :D

Comment by: Xavier on

Xavier GravatarI think the png should be like 1 Block = 1 Pixel.. that would make things a LOT easier.. But still, a great tool!

Comment by: LjSpike on

LjSpike GravatarIts useful however at 3, it creates a square, whereas the red blocks at 3 should disapeear if you wished for something kind of circular.

Comment by: Aussie on

Aussie GravatarI'm building the Melbourne star so this is extremely helpful
(search it up its amazing) anyway I needed a 120x120 circle and I was searching through Google and i found this so I'm using it this website is amazing.

Comment by: Sparks on

Sparks GravatarHelped so much when finishing my Labyrinth. Other charts from google wouldn't go high enough. Amazingly helpful.

Comment by: Sirwan MC on

Thanks :)

Comment by: Starbound on

Starbound GravatarUsed this for starbound, somewhere during the 60 minute long creation of my dome in the acid rain of a toxic planet it came out unsymmetrical by 3 blocks. fml.

Comment by: SecondINCommand on

Thanks a 1,000,000,000

This will help alot

Comment by: annonymus on

annonymus Gravatardidnt u used to have a 3d version? i cant find it

Comment by: Voriukas on

Voriukas GravatarLove this... Thank you so much, also is there any way to have layouts for circles in circles, like having more than 1 circle in the same layout in different sizes.

Comment by: Fiddlesticksmeow on

Fiddlesticksmeow GravatarThis really helped me when I was building a life size S.T.A.R. Labs model from the flash on Minecraft. Thanks for making it, it's brilliant!

Comment by: Fiddlesticksmeow on

Fiddlesticksmeow GravatarThis really helped me when I was building a life size S.T.A.R. Labs model from the flash on Minecraft. Thanks for making it, it's brilliant!

Comment by: NOydear on


Comment by: phisis on

thanks for the help (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Comment by: Prs722 on

Prs722 GravatarCould you possibly make it work with slabs as well?

Comment by: BOB on

BOB Gravatarusing this to build an underwater city in starbound. lit A.F.

Comment by: Christian Treczoks on

Christian Treczoks GravatarAbsolutely helpful tool. But there are two points where I would wish for improvement:

1. All one basically needs are quarter circles (ok, even 1/8th of a circle would do, but a quarter is more convenient. An option for that would be fine.

2. It would help immensely if you could change the save option for SVG in a way that one could get SVGs with different diametersat the same scale, so one can join different circles (or quarter circles) in one image by importing them into inkscape.

Comment by: Chrisie Atha on

Chrisie Atha GravatarI found this tremendously helpful. Thank You.

Comment by: DHGRed v Blue on

DHGRed v Blue GravatarThis really helped with my star trek builds on xbox 360 if anyone wants to see search my name into add friends

Comment by: Smithc735 on

Smithc735 GravatarI've been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I'll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site? fkgfeefeadgfbefc

Comment by: nnnnappleMC on

nnnnappleMC GravatarI am a YouTuber who plays on many servers in which i build circles. Next time. I'm gonna be linking this is my description! AMAZING! I'm sorry i cant donate. But hopefully the peeps I tell about this will donate!

Comment by: CircleLover67 on

CircleLover67 GravatarI have a base that is a bunch of circular rings, a bit like Mumbo Jumbo's base on the hermitcraft server. Cannot begin to comprehend how amazing this was. Thank you!

Comment by: ldzexe on

ldzexe Gravatarperfect for every minecraft platform

Comment by: Megabread on

Megabread GravatarThis is helping me build my 244 block wide dome of glass!

Comment by: Megabread on

Megabread GravatarThis is helping me build my 244 block wide dome of glass!

Comment by: Bryce on

Bryce GravatarHello, I wish to donate but do mot have money. But i know about Mumbo Jumbo!

Comment by: THEBOSS101950 on

Thanks, u helped me make my mumbo base copy

Comment by: Lousa on

Lousa GravatarThank you so so much! You, my friend, are a saint! This is probably the most useful thing I'll ever use for building in Minecraft. Thanks again; keep up the great work.

Comment by: htgr on


Comment by: Jackson on

Jackson GravatarSo dang useful! thanks so much I completed lots of builds with thia.

Comment by: Adam on

Adam GravatarI love this site have used it in the past for small builds recently I have decided to take on a build which stats with a circle 215 x 215 when I build it I get 3 sides of the circle and the fourth side does not match, I have gone over the pixels and counted out the blocks several times and re-started the process same result everytime I am not understanding this. Very frustrating

Comment by: Ewan on

Ewan GravatarThz really help me with minecraft

Comment by: Ewan on

Ewan GravatarThz this really helped me make my mumbo jumbo air born base

Comment by: Mumbo jumbo on

Thanks once again

Comment by: Mr. Mustache on

Thanks, this was very usefull

Comment by: Stongenvjord on

Stongenvjord GravatarVery usefull tool. Thank you! :)

Comment by: Stongenvjord on

Stongenvjord GravatarSorry for this multicomment, the computer has frozen :P

Comment by: Chikorita on

Chikorita GravatarCoincidentally, we can use this calculator to approximate pi.

Set the calculator to filled circle.
Force it to a circle.
Do the ratio on how many where shaded / how many unshaded.
Muitiply the ratio by 4.

As you can see, the approximation is close to pi.

Plus, I can identify users who are using the tool

1. Users : Do not know about cosine and muitipling it by x and truncating it.
2. Non-users : Know how to truncate cosine * x.

x= Side Length

Comment by: Dread Pool on

Thanks this will help create my GTA V in Minecraft!!

Comment by: Anonymous on

Anonymous GravatarIs it possible to make a Spiral of Archimedes with this somehow?

Comment by: GeminiPhoenix97 on

GeminiPhoenix97 GravatarIs there a version of this that goes up to 25,000?

Comment by: cakekidz on

cakekidz Gravatarhow to build thunderbird 2 2015 nose shapes

Comment by: Jim on

Jim GravatarWhile I love this generator the png downloads will not open and a preview of them says the file contains nothing :/, love to get some feedback to resolve this problem if anyone else encounters or has encountered it

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat GravatarThank you for the heads up. I'd heard this from a couple people but was never able to reproduce it until today. It ends up it was a race condition, so it was dependent on the speed of your machine.

I believe I have fixed the issue. You may need to clear your browser cache to get it to work.

Comment by: Logan on

Logan GravatarExcellent tool. even though its effectively a worse version of plotz,this has the default set to 2D AND it works on school wifi.
if your only building circles and are at school,this tool is great. Otherwise just use plotz

Comment by: MrCakez on

MrCakez GravatarThanks ypfor making this it's helping me make my skyblock islands.

Comment by: MEME on

MEME GravatarA 200 by 666 oval filled with windows 10 can partially turn your screen black.
I think its funny.

Comment by: Kevin on

Kevin GravatarWords can't express how grateful I am. Thank you soooooo much!

Wait, how did you program this?

Comment by: J on

J GravatarIt would be great if you could include row numbers. On large circles I sometimes get lost, so it would be great to be able to count the rows to work out where I am.

Comment by: Tom S. on

Tom S. Gravatarthx a lot!
now i can make my own Imperial City, Ba Sing Se and Minas Tirith!

Comment by: N on

N GravatarThx a lot
Now I can make my huge dome 862 by 862

Comment by: R on

R GravatarIve been using this for cross stitching, the perfect tool!

Comment by: Ashisi on

Ashisi GravatarYes! Here I come pvp arena for pros!

Comment by: TheDisneyGuy33 on

TheDisneyGuy33 GravatarI suggest building the straight lines first and then using one part of it all the way around so you dont have to look at all four sides, this will help with larger circles.if your using this for minecraft of course!

Comment by: FBDMOYT on

FBDMOYT GravatarI'm making a circle that's 170-175 books in diameter and built it up into a sphere and I've read the top comment that would've made it easier to build now can anyone tell me how to tie a noose so I can hang myself.

Comment by: Gecko on

Gecko GravatarThis is a fantasic help for making great build inside minecraft however i would have to say i wish it would mark outs the center of the circle

Comment by: I wish on

I wish GravatarAnyone else with you could color it???

Comment by: Pochodnik on

Pochodnik GravatarI was doing the base which Mumbo Jumbo already did in Hermitcraft s4 but it was 54x54. For some reason i thought that 54:2=24... Yep, im retarded xD So i wasted like 4 hours on this. One tip: never build circles while youre sleepy

Comment by: Gecko response on

Gecko response GravatarThe center is marked out if you input an odd number, even numbers cannot have a center that is a single block inbetween others.

Comment by: Gecko response on

Gecko response Gravatari agree, colors would indeed be nice, young padawan. often I find myself losing count then having to go back, only to lose count again.

Comment by: spartan-142 on

spartan-142 Gravatarusing this not for minecraft but for cosmoteer to make a halo ring and other halo ships

Comment by: MickeyD05 on

thanks this will be a lot of help!!

Comment by: Nick on

Nick GravatarGreat tool! I Love it! It really helped on my build, would've like if it had a download image button. Thanks for making this!

Comment by: alkalinekats on

alkalinekats GravatarI love the circle generator, I have used it on hundreds of circles and it has helped me a lot in my builds

Comment by: Ashton Snapp on

Ashton Snapp GravatarNow to come up with a floor design to fit this awesome size 51 circle.

Comment by: name on

name GravatarHelped me with making an airport

Comment by: Hi on

Hi GravatarThis is cool

Comment by: Blitz on

Blitz GravatarThanks this help alot

Comment by: The_Reaper on

The_Reaper GravatarThis helped me a lot while I was building a huge circle. all the other websites wouldn't work and when I came to this one I was so happy.

Comment by: RockRevenchy on

RockRevenchy Gravatarit helped me a lot and I really enjoyed being able to use it, altho I was wondering, why is the height of the iframe 810px?

it has been really bugging me to have to scroll up and down the iframe containing the script. Just making it about 870px high wouldnt require the need to scroll in the box itself (which is useless and annoying

other than that nice job on script

Comment by: Trianull on

Trianull GravatarThe only problem I have here is that when I downloaded it I expected it without the graph part, so I could insert it into a paint program, but since the graph is there a 144 pixel circle turns out as a 720 pixel image and has the graph. I'd like an option to get a raw pixel circle image.

Comment by: soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh on

soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh Gravataruseful for minecraft projects involving circles and some pixel art

Comment by: Campbell Industries on

Campbell Industries GravatarThanks for this tool, useful for many games with block based building, using this to build battleship turrets in From the Depths at the moment. Thank you would have had no idea where to start with a 31 diameter circle!

Comment by: XxHunteRxX on

XxHunteRxX Gravatarthanks i'll use this to build the UA dome (My Hero Academia)

Comment by: ore on

ore Gravatarfinally a website that won't give me a virus now I can make my minecraft drone!!.,

Comment by: Gary on

Gary GravatarI really like it. Can I use it for my website?

Comment by: Waa on

Waa GravatarI'm building a biome bubble in Terraria!

Comment by: RubricPage on

RubricPage GravatarThank you so much. This has been a lifesaver for the airship I'm building.

Comment by: Ray on

Ray GravatarThank you so much for this tool! I have used this on countless occasions both for Minecraft and for just needing a circle for something.

Comment by: Fasctist Magikarp on

Fasctist Magikarp GravatarThis tool is amazing! I have no idea how you made it (black magic?), but it is very easy to use and well made!

Comment by: Philippe on

Philippe Gravatarbonjour

pourrait on avoir les repères du milieu du cercle pour mieux commencer (si possible)

sinon super outil pour faire des cercles sur minecraft


Comment by: Philippe on

Philippe GravatarHello

could we have the middle markers (line that returns the number of boxes on each side) of the circle to start better (if possible)

if not great tool to make circles on minecraft

Thank you

Comment by: XplosiveAsh on

XplosiveAsh GravatarAbsolutely great. By the way this is actually quite a useful thing for more than just mc, just as an example, it's very useful for Rimworld, then again it's probably very useful for any games that you build using squares

Fantastically made and I hope you keep it going strong.

Comment by: Smitha237 on

Smitha237 GravatarHeya im for the first time here. I discovered this board and I to uncover It truly helpful & it helped me out a whole lot. I hope to supply something back and aid other people such as you helped me. gddaekaebcedfgff

Comment by: Rendal02 on

Rendal02 Gravatari have a probleme ,
is there a version or when I put 1504 of diameter it does not crash?

Comment by: swagnillaice on

swagnillaice GravatarThanks for this! It will help me finish my windmill for my village in modded Minecraft.

Comment by: Yeetmas on

Yeetmas GravatarCan you add a part under the shape that has the command for minecraft that we can copy and paste onto it?

Comment by: Mr=Bob on

Mr=Bob Gravatarlol thx i was building a base for my driad ( in terraria) and i couldents remember how to maks a circle thx also now i know how to make a 1 x 1 circle now yay

Comment by: PanCakeParty on

PanCakeParty GravatarThanks alot!

I built a kind of castle that was 364x364 in survival.
It was pain, but it would've taken 10000000000000000000000000 yrs if I did it without this.

Comment by: Osamu on

Osamu GravatarБольшое спасибо

Comment by: Boi on

Boi GravatarFor zoom just use the scale bar under the input areas.

Comment by: Josh Lee on

Josh Lee GravatarCould you make a circle with 2 in the middle?

Comment by: The Cube on

The Cube GravatarHey this generator is super good! I would definetly us this for many build. Thanks a lot! :D

Comment by: The Cube on

The Cube GravatarHey this generator is super good! I would definetly us this for many build. Thanks a lot! :D

Comment by: Doom_Skull on

Doom_Skull GravatarReally helpful and simple! Thanks!

Comment by: Ethan on

Ethan GravatarI am creating a 1301 diameter circle... The zoom is far too small for that... I have used this dozens of times over the years so thanks!

Comment by: chief_osceooa on

chief_osceooa GravatarHave you considered other mathematical shapes, like parabolas and hyperbolas?

Great tool - thanks for your effort!

Comment by: levarnu on

levarnu GravatarHey! Awesome tool with some pretty cool shapes but theres something I can't seem to find anywhere, diagonal ellipsoids. Do you think you could make one that is capable of making diagonal ellipsoids?

Comment by: lillebror on

lillebror GravatarThis is really handy in minecraft and many other games!

thank you!!!

Comment by: whomstvnted on

whomstvnted GravatarCould you explain the math behind this? I’d really appreciate it!

Comment by: ck on

ck Gravatarhey there, nice toll you created there, i really enjoy using it!

i got a few points which might improve the overall handling in my opinion, but im no programmer, i dont know how doable they are.
the first point would be that the square my cursor is in is highlighted.
and the second one is a counter, maybe where you can set to blocks and it will sho the distance between them. because i found myself counting squares a lot^^

Comment by: rebs on

rebs Gravatarthanks! i'm developing a cross-stitch pattern and this is really helpful

Comment by: nolan on

nolan Gravatarthank you i will use this alot with my [r=x] commands

Comment by: James Orendorff on

James Orendorff GravatarThis is super useful! I’m building a wall and now a moat around my village and it’s really helped me out. Being able to set two circles and fill the area between them would be fun, though.

Comment by: James Orendorff on

James Orendorff GravatarAn option to show numbers on the sides or return what I’ve begun to call the “pattern” (e.g: 7, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 7 for a diameter 29 circle) would make building large shapes much faster.

Comment by: Benjamin A Varner on

Benjamin A Varner GravatarI've defeated the Ender Dragon 16 times naturally and now I'm connecting all the portals together, this has helped me a lot with the diameter and scale, thank you!

Comment by: ForceablePizza on

ForceablePizza GravatarThis circle generator is very useful, im currently using it in space engineers

Comment by: Caboo on

Caboo GravatarHoly cow this is a freaking lifesaver!! Thank you so much for creating this!!

Comment by: First_off finaly on

First_off finaly GravatarVery useful, currently building a mega aircraft carrier called the USS ALASKA this helped with the stern.

Comment by: sdaf on

sdaf GravatarGreat! but It has little pity that thickness can be adjusted with only three ways(thick, thin, filled).
If it can control thickness(number) detail, It could be perfect!

Comment by: sei on

sei Gravatarman 400 by 400 circles are hard to build

Comment by: ExplosiveKnight on

ExplosiveKnight Gravatarhey, I am trying to create a 1001x1001 circle but I have the same problem as James Orendorff, I keep getting the "pattern" wrong and on such a large circle such small details can be hard to notice, if you can please make it possible to see of how many blocks each row is madeit would be a huge time saver, thanks!

Comment by: ThhecoolNobody on

ThhecoolNobody GravatarWait, the Build height is 256 blocks, but the maximum diameter is 2000 blocks

what's that for?

Comment by: SubDuck21 on

SubDuck21 GravatarThanks for making this circle generator helps out A LOT!!! My circles and ovals always look wonky but now I can finally make a dome bunker that doesn't look like a parabola YAY!

Comment by: Jeff Bezos on

Jeff Bezos GravatarTHanks! this is great! this is so useful! I am currently building a 91-block wide dome and it helps lots!

Comment by: kolby515 on

kolby515 Gravatarthis is awesome thanks for makin this

Comment by: Raf on

Raf GravatarI used this a long time ago for my minecraft base, and now its different... I checked it many times and got the same result, the circle I got, a few years ago, for 109 blocks wide has 13 blocks in the longest line, but now it gives me 15 blocks in the longest line... I checked and the largest circle i can generate with 13 blocks is 97 diameter, if I do 99 diameter it gives me 15... I don't know why this happens but I'm just telling you in case it's important.

Comment by: Yett on

Yett GravatarThis is gonna get my gladiator 200 by 200 done

Comment by: Gahdinn on

Gahdinn GravatarI've used this in the past in minecraft, but am currently using it to make a large yin yang room in Terraria. many applications for this thing. Thanks author.

Comment by: Kohi on

Kohi GravatarThis helps me a lot on some of my builds.

Comment by: Ionic777 on

Ionic777 GravatarVery useful tool for anyone who plays block based games like Terraria and Minecraft. I’m using it right now to make a crescent moon in terraria that is 150 blocks big

Comment by: Jessica on

Jessica GravatarYa boi!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: bob on

bob Gravatarayyyy great

Comment by: LEGION on

LEGION Gravatar181 block dome in minecraft....

to encompass a village. I AM A MAD MAN.

thanks mate for a really good tool

Comment by: Noah on

Noah GravatarWhat is thes the beast website

Comment by: ttn on

ttn Gravatar감사합니다

Comment by: Mental Mouse on

Mental Mouse GravatarExcellent tool! I just linked to it from the Terraria wiki. One thing you could perhaps add would be a "print" button to print out the generated circle.

Comment by: Nails on

Nails GravatarVery cool mate, thanks for this tool !

Comment by: Yeet Meat on

Yeet Meat GravatarI didn't use it for minecraft, but for terraria! I used it to make a biomesphere!

Comment by: Evil Squirrel on

Evil Squirrel GravatarI’ve been using this for a really long time and it has helped me to build a lot of quite large projects, currently I’m building a 99x99 dome for a mall. Great tool.

Comment by: Tâioân貓 on

Tâioân貓 GravatarWait, speaking of building, what if we just use "wooden axe" plugin? I think that is much easier to achieve what we want...BTW, I use this generator for my sticker frame.

Comment by: Doma on

Doma GravatarYou use floor(sqrt(r^2-floor(x)^2))?
r=radius (weight=r×2)

Comment by: Slimy on

Slimy GravatarLovely, i wonder if the limit will ever go past 2000?

Comment by: Billy Boy 22222222 on

Billy Boy 22222222 GravatarYo, @Slimy, why would you EEEeeeeVvvveeeer Ever EVER EVER! need 2000k + diameter?

Comment by: Noah Heber on

Noah Heber GravatarStill using this tool. Still great :D

Comment by: miniminimum on

miniminimum Gravatari wanted a 65*65, but i got one WAY bigger than that, then i tried 32*32, and it as actually 32*32

Comment by: Gemma on

Gemma GravatarThis has been super helpful in making my giant trees! thank you for making this!

Comment by: Mjiolnir on

Mjiolnir GravatarI've been using this generator for years now and it's changed the way I build.

I can't praise you enough, and kinda feel bad for not donating yet, but recently promised myself that I will. Seriously, this tool is invaluable for games like Minecraft and Rimworld if you're tired of using squares.

11/10 You're a hero for making a free program like this for us.

Comment by: Papa on

Papa GravatarThanks now i can make circles in minecraft!

Comment by: Alex on

Alex GravatarStill using this years later.

Comment by: Seth on

Seth GravatarLets go just found out about this sick app Minecraft gonna be a crap lot easier!.

Comment by: Terraria lover on

Terraria lover GravatarThank you so much, it is really going to help my terraria base

Comment by: Alice on

Alice GravatarVery strong Ctrl+D

Comment by: Ocomma on

Ocomma GravatarQqn aurait le site en 3d ( et pas svp j'y comprends rien )

Comment by: fury on

fury GravatarI like this a lot, and I also use it for terraria for building Boi-spheres, like I am doing now. I feel this is amazing, because I don't have to take up hours of building to find the right circle.

Comment by: NotNoMore on

NotNoMore GravatarIs it possible to download a .schematica file of this?

Comment by: prophet_pug on

prophet_pug Gravatarthis has helped me so much in building a 1024 by 1024 circle!

Comment by: DimitrisXGR on


Comment by: jonathan taylor on

jonathan taylor GravatarSo is there a generatore that centers tje pixle art on 1 block instead of 4?

Comment by: Yeetmeister on

Yeetmeister Gravatarthis didn't work don't try to build 269 269 its a cursed number I cri'd evertiem.

Comment by: peterpotter2013 on

peterpotter2013 GravatarWhat would the optimal way to use this for building a giant custom tree within which you plan to live be? This is a very useful tool, but I'm a bit lost on how to actually apply it to my current project .....

Comment by: Pumpkin on

Pumpkin Gravatarcould you plz make a sphere generator?

Comment by: Alanna on

Alanna GravatarAwesome! Super helpful, thx!

Comment by: Drew on

Drew GravatarThis is perfect for Terraria biome bubbles

Comment by: Owen on

Owen GravatarThis was very helpful for my Minecraft Survival base. It involves a lot of circles, spheres, and toruses. In combination with Plotz, you can make domes, cylinders, ovals, toruses and so much more!

One piece of feedback though, it would be awesome if you could make a thing where you draw somthing, and it would come out in pixel form.

Comment by: Turtle gamer22 on

Turtle gamer22 GravatarWhat you're supposed to use this for is to make an oval with a hight of 1999 and a width of 2000, and built it around the spawn of a survival server. no-one would know unless they counted every block.

Comment by: TurtleOutLoud on

TurtleOutLoud GravatarThank you, this helped me make lots of biome bubbles around my base in Terraria, to get the Truffle and Leaf Wings.

Comment by: Xyrrahx on

Xyrrahx GravatarJust a warning don’t go above 500 x 500 it crashed my google.
This is a great tool for circles smaller than that ,

Comment by: owo on

owo GravatarThis tool is incredibly useful, but maybe it would be neat to have it count the amount of pixels colored it? For survival purposes

Comment by: owo on

owo Gravataroh nevm, i just diddnt see it. Im so incredibly sorry

Comment by: Cazz_Wazz on

Cazz_Wazz GravatarThank you! It realy healps =[)

Comment by: Bemmett on

Bemmett GravatarThanks! This thing really is awesome!!

Comment by: IDK on

IDK GravatarThanks u r the best this is so helpfull!

Comment by: brugmonkey on

brugmonkey GravatarThank you so much.
this is so good for late nights when the brain doesn't math correctly

Comment by: nubigenous on

nubigenous Gravatari was a little bit confused on if the width was for the radius or diameter, but I figured it out lol! very useful :D

Comment by: Morphedcreeper8 on

Morphedcreeper8 GravatarWho is here in the coronavirus lockdown thing and trying to build a giant circle with all this free time we have now!

Comment by: Morphedcreeper8 on

Morphedcreeper8 GravatarThanks a lot. I couldn't of built my epic skyblock island without this so thanks you.

Comment by: pedro on

pedro GravatarHey thanks I saw this from a YouTube and I needed to make a meteor I'll need this alot this minecraft circle

Comment by: FlamingFugitive on

FlamingFugitive Gravatarcan you make it so also if you click on a certain pixel it will change into Maybe blue so we know which pixel or block we have already placed?

Comment by: Reuben Whitehouse on

Reuben Whitehouse GravatarTime to start a 500 block wide chasm into the ground

Comment by: HoundLock on

HoundLock GravatarI need a 77X77 circle and the generate wont generate! It only goes up to 2,000!

Comment by: Mephisto72 on

Mephisto72 GravatarThis is great. I needed to make a giant circle for my base and this helped a lot. Great program! It was a bit hard to actually make the circle though due to repeated incorrect building. It would be good if the blocks weren't red. But still, Great program!

Comment by: f in chat on

f in chat Gravatarits great really helps when building big circle minecraft bases

Comment by: k22 on

k22 GravatarThank you so much! Greate job!

Comment by: Dylan on

Dylan GravatarThank you very much! Although I used this for Terraria instead of Minecraft it still greatly helped me build.

Comment by: A Person on

A Person GravatarThanks, very useful for an oval to connect two walls!

Comment by: Tom on

Tom GravatarThanks a lot! This has helped me countless times with build projects :)

Comment by: Person on

Person GravatarSuper awesome and helpful website will be using it a ton more

Comment by: ...loading... on

...loading... Gravatarthanks man I can now use this for so many builds to come, thanks so much.

Comment by: ...loading... on

...loading... Gravataromg I just found out about the download function. your a real genius. thanks so much. this will help so much for all of u friends on gygacraft. it is called gygacraft because we build massive builds. thanks again man. :)

Comment by: max from camp camp on

max from camp camp Gravatarnow this... this is good

Comment by: Neggalx_ on

Neggalx_ GravatarWow, thanks, realy helpful website

Comment by: T-BirD3909-YT on

T-BirD3909-YT GravatarFor the 50x50 it wasnt even I dont know if this was a glitch with the server but uhh yeah. It wasnt a good circle.(NOT ON MY WORLD ON WEBSITE)

Comment by: JoshFantasy on

JoshFantasy GravatarI like this, thanks!

Comment by: shardeex on

shardeex GravatarThank you very much, really helpful.

Comment by: Grian on

Grian GravatarCould you add a feacture to generate 2 circles at the same time, this would be soooooooooo useful.... Thanks anyways!

Comment by: John on

John Gravatarvery helpful

Comment by: mobkiller4221 on

mobkiller4221 Gravatarreally nice!

Comment by: TehRedBeast on

TehRedBeast GravatarCircle generator is great. It's amazing actually!

Having to scroll for 3 minutes to comment this is not that great, could you make oldest comments at the bottom and newest at the top?

Comment by: Dick on

Dick GravatarVery helpful

Comment by: retr0line on

retr0line GravatarPor el pico piñera

Comment by: Some guy who needed this on

Some guy who needed this GravatarThanks a million!

Comment by: Anonymous on

Anonymous GravatarThis was very helpful

Comment by: Bob McDonald on

Bob McDonald GravatarThanks so much!!

Comment by: Dave on

Dave GravatarDon’t worry about the ad, the service you are providing is appreciated and should be compensated

Comment by: Tommy on

Tommy Gravatarit would be super helpful if you could set the coordinates of one of the squares and it would show you the coordinates of each square. would make it much easier to build large circles

Comment by: Jacob on

Jacob GravatarSweet!

Comment by: Mandogelorian on

Mandogelorian GravatarThanks so much! Hope you're doing okay during these times.

Comment by: Yea on

Yea GravatarI would prefer if it was in a alternating pattern so it would be easier to count the pixels, but anyway this works for what I need it for. Thank you.

Comment by: FoxCraftGaming on

FoxCraftGaming GravatarThis will help me build my laboratory

Comment by: Arthur Pimenta on

Arthur Pimenta GravatarWorks pretty good with RimWorld!!

Comment by: NewmanRK on

NewmanRK GravatarThanks, it helps me a lot to build my clan base, clap clap

Comment by: so512104 on

so512104 GravatarThank you for this website; it really helps with building almost anything circular.

Comment by: Starker on

Starker GravatarSorry about COVID, but nice. Suggestion- ability to change thickness?

Comment by: Sharkblocks on

Sharkblocks GravatarCan you make it bigger? I need a 10k big circle yeah a bit of an odd request but Id be thankful non the less.

Comment by: Steven Nichols on

Steven Nichols GravatarLove this tool, however there seems to be an issue with the 26 wide circle and the 28 wide not being able to properly fit around each other when placed in game. For the 28 wide I have add a 4th single diagonal block when building it around the 26 wide circle.

Comment by: Fred da boss on

Fred da boss GravatarI have successfully made a circular marine research station!

Comment by: love yall on

love yall GravatarAmazing job! very cool program and a huge help. Thanks for your hard work, and although I can't donate, good luck to you as this pandemic rolls round.

Comment by: Bob on

Bob GravatarI like circles

Comment by: wqdwq on

wqdwq Gravatarnice

Comment by: drcola36 on

drcola36 Gravatarwould it be cool if you could make this a schematica file idk i thik that would be lit for a huge build im about to do

Comment by: Slimy on

Slimy Gravatar@Billy Boy 22222222

Why not though? I may not but someone would find it useful

Comment by: Alkopa008 x on

Alkopa008 x GravatarThanks! it help me a lot in my technical survival. :D

Comment by: Hello on

Hello GravatarThis is very helpful. But it took me 3 minutes to scroll down here to leave a comment. Please make the newest comments on the top so it does NOT take 3 minutes to scroll to leave a comment. Otherwise ,Everything about this is great! Keep up the good work!

Comment by: Bye on

Bye GravatarSorry for spamming I got impatent

Comment by: Laughlan Orr on

Laughlan Orr GravatarLove it, it will be an awesome help to my Hardcore ocean monument build!!

Comment by: Morphedcreeper8 on

Morphedcreeper8 GravatarThanks so much! It helped a lot with my Hypixel Skyblock build! If you want to check out what im building go into hypixel skyblock and do /visit MorphedCreeper8

Comment by: RA Slurp on

RA Slurp GravatarThat's nice, thanks for this page!
U are gods

Comment by: Ball on

Ball GravatarThank you. Thanks to you, I've been very helpful in building the dome.

Comment by: Humanity's opinion on

Humanity's opinion GravatarThank you this was very helpful with all my minecraft builds. I suggest adding a semi-circle option to the generator for domes and such. I don't think it would be too hard but I may be wrong.

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