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Pixel Circle / Oval Generator

Update: September 9th, 2023 Circle generator now asks before restoring large shapes as it may take a long time or freeze.

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Playing Minecraft, I like making circular things. I used a chart while I was building, but wanted to be able to make variable size ovals which is something I couldn't find a decent chart of or generator capable of, so I created this!

Fork my source on Github!

Comment by: Ray on

Nice. I like the javascript effects.

If anybody else is interested in a 3d version, I have one over at:

Comment by: Robeomega on

I think it should have an option to download a picture of it and a zoom out button when for my mob arena im working at 223 X 223 its very hard to have to scroll and I end up printscreening it

Comment by: GHOST on

Is there a download to this?

Comment by: Wycratius on

New version is so much faster, thanks!

Comment by: RockOfDoom (nickname) on

how do i see my result, theres no where to hit enter or something to send my numbers through or something.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

It should appear instantly as you change the value. If you could provide some information on what browser and version you are using I can look into the problem.

Comment by: Fiveheads on

I have been using this generator for nearly a year on my phone with no issues. I have been making semi circles in my castle that step up each level so it has a colisseum look. However, every time I load this page, in the box were width and height are, all that's entered in there is NaN. I can't add to or delete it. Rendering this generator useless to mw now, and there are no other generators that work for me. Marvellous.

Comment by: Check twice build once on

Having a few issues with this program. Trying to create a sphere to encapsulate the spawnable area for hostile mobs (wiki: 128 radius from player). So I doubled the radius to 256 then generate a sphere based on that. Before I started I plotted out 6 points all starting out from the 0/0 axis in the end (which I removed all end stone). Markers were placed exactly 128 bocks up, down, left and right so it covers all X/Y/Z directions. When building the sphere I noticed that the 2D sides did not meet up with my (triple checked) reference points mentioned above. The sphere generated by this program seemed too big ( by quite a sizeable margin I might add). Thinking it was my error I recounted the chart...three times...rebuilt...three times...but still no joy. This is a great generator to make spheres...not denying that....but for really technical mapping it's fairly inaccurate in "true to size" builds. Sorry to rain on your parade but thinking I might add this footnote for other builders like myself thus saving them time. But hey....if your just after a good looking sphere this is the program for you.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Your math is simply bad. If you have a radius of 128 the diameter in pixel universe will be 255, not 256, because one of those blocks is the center. That is your issue.

My circles are mathematically correct. The math in fact is particularly simple.

Comment by: Jim on

While I love this generator the png downloads will not open and a preview of them says the file contains nothing :/, love to get some feedback to resolve this problem if anyone else encounters or has encountered it

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Thank you for the heads up. I'd heard this from a couple people but was never able to reproduce it until today. It ends up it was a race condition, so it was dependent on the speed of your machine.

I believe I have fixed the issue. You may need to clear your browser cache to get it to work.

Comment by: Azure on

This is tool is so helpful! I've used it for many Minecraft builds already

Comment by: alex on

i was doing my ocean monument project and i didn't know how to build a circle so instead i build a square around it but when i was seeing a youtube channel i found this website an now i have a circle around my ocean monument

Comment by: CoNmaN0625 on

Perfect for making a ring around the end. Helped a lot more than plotz did

Comment by: jeaster701 on

I can't tell you how many times I've used this tool, perfect for large and small builds, and the download feature is a godsend.

Comment by: Oliver Hill on

Thx, so much, love this tool

Comment by: KingJ on

how much is the block in middle like the grey ones when u click fill

Comment by: LegoXav376 on

Extremely useful for minecraft thx a lot

Comment by: Grognak on

very useful thx

Comment by: Robadobdob on

Ditto: very useful for the old guy :) 64 yr old rookie

Comment by: Day Dweamy on

This was so helpful in many of my little creations thanks so much :)

Comment by: evan on

pefect for my det star and melineium falcon builds id like to see one fo trianges i want a stardestroer

Comment by: doppelginger on

helped out my little bee farm a ton, thanks!

Comment by: FastASFac on

Can you make it so it is downloadable to an schematic file?

Comment by: Lunar on

Wow, thats really crazy, thanks... Also can u make it so that the middle of the circle is 2*2.

Comment by: mumbo on

i loved it its helping me with my minecraft builds so much
i will do a stream and show this on it thanks and save the potatoes

Comment by: J-Dubs on

How big would i make a circle around a 50*50 build?

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

You'd want to do some simple trigonometry.

So to find the diagonal of a triangle or a square, you use the pythagorean theorem:

Since we're solving for c we want:

So entering your 50's into that we get

That rounds up to so 71, but to nicely wrap your 50 which is an even number we'd want to round up to a 72x72 circle.

I hope that helps ?

Comment by: RedLogic on

This was extremely helpful in plotting the approximate placement of blocks for a giant mountain build on my SMP!

Comment by: Sylently on

I really enjoy this site but you should implement the feature to click on the squares to keep track of them

Comment by: Applesgosh on

Excellent tool, and I love how also on this page is just a massive thread of comments, some becoming ancient, some from just a week ago. What a time to be alive

Comment by: Riflery on

The guy above me is correct.
This an an archive for old comments.

Comment by: Spectral on

Kind of sad that it caps at 2k diameter since I wanted to make a full scale Neon Genesis Evangelion Geofront in survival (6k diameter) but this has helped in a lot of other projects awesome tool

Comment by: Dwaraksai on

Nice i used this in mineplex

Comment by: CrazyBoomman on

So this is what helped me world's largest minecraft structure and its legit my whole team uses this program to make circles and ovals i would like to refer it to others

Comment by: Marley857 on

I've been using this for a little while and it has really helped.I was wondering if you could ajust the scale or add something so that if you click on a line it would tell you how many block you would have to place before you go down to another line. It would make large building projects so much easier. Either way thank you so much for making this.

Comment by: IslandsSmp on

It’s pretty cool overall. although making it mobile is pretty hard.

Comment by: chris anderson on

pretty cool but can you make itnso yo know how many blocks you gotta build out the middle plz Thx

Comment by: Jace on

Thank you for making this!! I've been using it for 2 years now and its been super helpful

Comment by: KornLS on

Happy New Year 2022!

Comment by: Aetrixy on

Thanks so much i love this tool it’s gonna be very helpful for making my base in skyblock and thank you KornLS Happy New Year 2022 for everyone !

Comment by: Eclipse on

I just want to say I have been using this for about 7-8 years now and it helps me out so much every time I am working on something big or small.

Comment by: cyber on

quite crazy that this thing exists since 2012

Comment by: olo on

dzięki że coś takiego powstało bardzo przydatne do budowania w mc

Comment by: LordRhodesCasteneda on

Really helpful tool, helped me build my new minecraft base!

Comment by: LordRhodesCasteneda on

Also helped me build a silo

Comment by: Cody Paulien on

Thanks, This is a great help for my megabase!

Comment by: pro grow boom on

this is so good it helped me when i was drying the ocean monument and turned it into my base.

Comment by: Joe Mama on

This is so useful, it helped me to make my massive island base. Thanks so much!

Comment by: Nono on

Its very good :-)

Comment by: joe mama aint mama on

lot of help for ocean monument enclosing

Comment by: Succ on

This has helped a ton with draining an ocean monument for a guardian farm. Now I can get tons of xp! Thank you!

Comment by: the dude on

this helps so much, I am making a castle and now im not spending hours trying to see how to make a circle.tysm

Comment by: UnstableStrafe on

I love this tool and I've used it for spriting for a year or so. One suggestion I have is to, if possible, make every other square a different color than red, so it can be easier to count large sizes.

Comment by: JCHK on

Thanks for creating this, Im building a large skybase recently and this helped me a lot :)

Comment by: Rohan mhatre on

I always try to make a circle but always make it wrong some how ???????? this helps me make it right. And plz do something about the post comments button its just so much had to scroll so much to post a comment ????

Comment by: dejvid on

good site helped me a lot thank you very much

Comment by: Kiwifruit Kiwi on

If you're still updating this can I make a suggestion? I'm working with some really big circles atm and I was wondering if you could make it so that if I click one of the squares it'll tell me it's coordinates so that I don't have to count out a hundred squares to figure out what one I'm looking at.
Thanks in advance

Comment by: Redstone0922 on

Love it! Now I can make a perfect 50x50 block PvP arena!

Comment by: drhu on

thanks this has helped me greatly for over 2 years and this really helps me build

Comment by: AlphaBetheOmega on

Hello Team of Circles ;D
my ask is, can u make a better zoom? i have the problem, i need a BIG circle (5000x5000blocks) because i want to build a gigant melone circle like as a people on 2b2t
and the max zoom help me not realy...
also a ask, if we can klick on blocks, to say "jep i have have it placed or not" because it is a problem for me to now where i am are on the circle with blocks to build not a nonsense

Comment by: DLMR on

i like circle

Comment by: Tyson on

Is anyone able to explain the code behind this? I'm trying to generate random ellipses in a project I'm doing and I can't quite figure out how to do it.

Comment by: Bob on


Comment by: bobman2 on


Comment by: sandgreenpanda on

this is great! I was dreading having to scower the internet for a oval generator

Comment by: Kid on


Comment by: Glowstick on

I'm making a crop circle build over a huge field, this is a LIFESAVER!

Comment by: Henrey on

Awesome Tool

Comment by: xXMorbin'time_morbius(2022)Xx on

I used it to calculate the shape of Dr. Michael Morbius' eyes

Comment by: xXMorbin'time_morbius(2022)Xx on

Happy belated 10th Birthday!!!1!!!!!1!1!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Comment by: ShOe730 on

Just an idea I love this system you guys but maybe in the future add a section beside what diameter you want for fill in the blocks with different colors to figure out how big you need it for different patterns just somthing I was thinking about that would be a cool feature

Comment by: Murvon on

Amazing tool! It really helped out making a bridge in my server. btw can you add a worldedit command generator to it? thanks xd

Comment by: Gonat on

This really helped me make farms and skyblock platform! The most useful website i found today:)

Comment by: Balls on

Bro I need the option to free zoom without that scale slider

Comment by: Cat on

thanks so much! This helps a ton with building :)

Comment by: jirka840yt on

helps me a lot but i would apreciete a free move around scaled circle

Comment by: O5-1 on

Wow this really helped me with the engines and insignias on my 1/3 scale venator-class star destroyer.

Comment by: stine on

It would be great if you could unmark blocks. Otherwise great improvements!

Comment by: Basaram Stefan on

The way I use this site is I generate a thin circle and I look at the blocks at the edge.
By going along the circle, I count for every line how many squares are directly next to each other.
For instance, one quarter of an arc, for a diameter of 9, it would be described as: 2 1 2, as in 2 blocks away from the centre point at the edge, on the next line going 1 block and then shifting the direction and going 2 blocks, completing the arc.

It'd be cool if the site generated these instructions, since I think this is an efficient way to build a generated circle.

Comment by: dun on

Great tool, though is there a way to generate lines to slice the circle into multiple equal segments, like if i'm making a sliced pizza art?

Comment by: M. Rochishna on

I like pixel art very much. Thank you

Comment by: tippyc on

Thanks much for this. I used it in Timberborn

Comment by: BIG NIK on

thanks for this great tool, it helped me build my rocket ship :D

Comment by: my_boy on

thanks for this,tool it helped me build my base

Comment by: Bryndan Meyerholt on

This is a great tool. It should have an option to generate a circle this blocks/pixels (up to half the radius rounded down thick) so, for example, I can create a circle that is two blocks thick. It is also not limited to Minecraft, but also anything that uses cubes, squares, or pixels.

Comment by: Dorodoro on

Helped me lay out my 55*33 arena! Thanks a lot

Comment by: Cliff on

Would it be possible to export this to a google sheet / excel, for like planning and whatnot?

Comment by: makayla on

Thank you so much I needed to know how to make a big circle in minecraft, I am trying to make the clock map in hunger games

Comment by: Cm09 on

Very nice tool helps me to build m'y alien vehicle

Comment by: michael on

if i ever become a big minecraft youtuber, i will recommend this, thanks

Comment by: subhan on

im very happy this app was realy help me to build circle

Comment by: subhan on

im very happy this app was realy help me to build circle

Comment by: MXVT23 on

Thx a lot I want to build a megabase in survival and this helps me a lot ????

Comment by: pblllrr on

While this tool is useful, I wish it had a thickness feature too. I use it to plan circles in Dwarf Fortress, but that includes moats which need to be several tiles thick. I currently use another generator for that but it's far more awkward than this one.

Comment by: steeeve-o on

this tool is amazingly great, and awesome beyond, i've been using it for a long time now, what i wish it had is a generator for all shapes, including help on diagonal builds. (most general angles at least like 30, 45, 60, from any of the main axes)

Comment by: Atomixe on

still using this! love that you're keeping this up

Comment by: Yeezez on

Thank you my new minecraft castle thanks you

Comment by: Joaquin on

It helped me drain a ocean monument

Comment by: QuasiSQA14 on

THANK U!!!!! really helped me build my megabase on SUPER helpful. (I used circles in almost every single part of this, and I liked the oval generator as well, but I didn't use it a lot. everything is SUPER cool anyways!!!

Comment by: Hunter Sullivan on

This is so helpful you have no clue how much I will use this to build platforms castles towers circles thank you for building this ????????????????

Comment by: thwartcube on

so useful thx for making dis

Comment by: jaymes on

i can now make a ring world if you dont know what that seArch it on youtube

Comment by: Nonyanae on

Love how the file was just called soup,lmao

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

lol, that was a bug. I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by: Elijah Smith on

Everything works amazingly, I would like if we could mark what pixel we are on in case we forget or have to do something.

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