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Update: January 25th, 2015: Goal reached! I can hardly believe it, thank you all so much! I have a decent start on the iOS version, an Android version is a little further out. The web version with marking up has been in the works for quite some time, but as there is apparently serious interest I will try to get this done ASAP.

If you do still appreciate this tool please keep donating, it honestly makes a big difference in how much time I can justify spending on this.

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Playing Minecraft, I like making circular things. I used a chart while I was building, but wanted to be able to make variable size ovals which is something I couldn't find a decent chart of or generator capable of, so I created this!

Fork my source on Github!

Comment by: Ray on

Ray GravatarNice. I like the javascript effects.

If anybody else is interested in a 3d version, I have one over at:

Comment by: thect95 on

thect95 Gravatarsweet! thanks alot :D:D:D

Comment by: Fudge on

Fudge GravatarCheers its a big help
If you are intrested on what im creating check out,

Comment by: i built a dome on

i built a dome Gravatarthanks this helped a lot in building by giant dome!

Comment by: Marc on

Marc GravatarThanks for creating this, will be using this alot in my upcoming builds!

Comment by: Robeomega on

Robeomega GravatarI think it should have an option to download a picture of it and a zoom out button when for my mob arena im working at 223 X 223 its very hard to have to scroll and I end up printscreening it

Comment by: braden tribble on

braden tribble Gravatarthanks a lot. this will help me build my imperial city.

Comment by: Jzzez on

Jzzez GravatarThanks so much i just finished my castle useing these designs as the colums!

Comment by: hunterbuscus_3rd on

hunterbuscus_3rd GravatarIs it also possible to create a circle around 4 blocks instead of 1 like here?
thank you very much, extremely useful!

Comment by: epic hobbit on

epic hobbit Gravatarthanks now i can build minas tirith

Comment by: GHOST on

GHOST GravatarIs there a download to this?

Comment by: HolingWolf10 on

HolingWolf10 GravatarThanks, this is going to help a ton with my bowl build.

Comment by: Wycratius on

Wycratius GravatarNew version is so much faster, thanks!

Comment by: Shirogane_Naoto on

Shirogane_Naoto GravatarYou have my gratitude, this has helped in in more ways than one.

Comment by: Deph3kt on

Deph3kt GravatarWow. Thanks, service with a smile there! I'll be sure to refer back to this while I build. You could make a 3-D version for domes and spheres!

Comment by: Maverick on

Maverick GravatarThanks, helped ALOT! Wish there was a way to zoom in, but otherwise fantastic!

Comment by: Anonymous on

Anonymous GravatarThis is great, but I pressed filled, and now I can't get it back. Help?

Comment by: RockOfDoom (nickname) on

RockOfDoom (nickname) Gravatarhow do i see my result, theres no where to hit enter or something to send my numbers through or something.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on

Jesse G. Donat GravatarIt should appear instantly as you change the value. If you could provide some information on what browser and version you are using I can look into the problem.

Comment by: 840 on

840 Gravatar十分好

Comment by: hazzmatt4 on

hazzmatt4 GravatarThis would be a great app that I would defiantly pay 99 cents for. Great design tool!

Comment by: Mormoran on

Mormoran GravatarCould it be possible to make it so we can change the color on the tiles by clicking on them? It'd be a lot easier to know how far you are without having to alt+tab several times in a row to count very tiny pixels!

Also, if you could make it so it shows a cross with the intersection at the middle (2 wide if the number of blocks is even so the intersection is a 2x2 square) it'd be awesome in helping to count how many blocks you need to dig/construct!

Comment by: Dzwsin on

Dzwsin GravatarHave you considered selling this a s an android/IOs app? also it would be a nice download for a small computer application.

Comment by: arctic troll on

arctic troll Gravatarfinally learnt how to make a 1x1 circle

Comment by: Roland on

Roland Gravatarhow cool!
thanks so much

Comment by: pezza jnr on

pezza jnr Gravatarthanks so much i can build del palace now

Comment by: Time Master T on

Time Master T Gravatarcould not get this to work using Mozilla Iceweasle (unbranded Firefox)

Comment by: MarcoN on

MarcoN GravatarI am developing a shape builder for the computercraft mod. A few users have mentioned that smaller circles don't look circular, and I agree. Your circles are way better, but I have no experience (other than a node.js hello world) in javascript programming and I can't figure out how your code is figuring out what blocks are in the circle and which aren't. Could you explain in just simple math, or pseudocode? For example the code we use goes block by block in the bounding area. On each block it uses the pythagorean theorem to find distance to the center of that block to the center of the circle, if the distance is in the range radius-(radius+sqrt(3)) it places a block there. I would like to see if I could optimise my method with bits from yours, but like I said, I don't know javascript well enough to interpret. And by the way, I like your program the best out of all of the generators out there, smoothest performance and best looking final results.

BTW Happy one year :)

Comment by: Bobby Anaya on

Bobby Anaya GravatarWould it be possible to graph two at a time? For example, creating a race track would require a circle proportional to another inside the outer one thus needing to graph them at the same time

Comment by: Mitch on

Mitch GravatarHow do you put it to your minecraft pe once you have designed your thing
Respond back to me

Comment by: Rumaan on

Rumaan GravatarI'm using this to work on a large project in CivCraft. This is a huge help. One suggestion I have is the ability to only show 1/4 of the circle. It's all I'm really using, and since the circle is 193 blocks across, having the rest showing makes it so that I can't see the individual blocks. Two other good suggestions are to have a way of marking blocks you've built already and a way to download a picture of the circle/shape.

Thanks for taking to time to make such a useful program!

Comment by: MarcoN on

MarcoN Gravatar@Rumaan just slide the "Scale" slider to the right a bit and use the scroll bars to position it.

Comment by: justagirl on

justagirl GravatarI used this to build a great arena

Comment by: MAT_0088 on

MAT_0088 GravatarTo build a circle in minecraft is a hard task. This took 30sec. to build one

Comment by: Voussoir on

Voussoir GravatarBrilliant! Very easy to use, you saved a ton of time!

Comment by: Fiveheads on

Fiveheads GravatarI have been using this generator for nearly a year on my phone with no issues. I have been making semi circles in my castle that step up each level so it has a colisseum look. However, every time I load this page, in the box were width and height are, all that's entered in there is NaN. I can't add to or delete it. Rendering this generator useless to mw now, and there are no other generators that work for me. Marvellous.

Comment by: Wallsies on

Wallsies GravatarCheers mate helped me build my quidditch stadium!!

Comment by: USS Cuttlefish on

USS Cuttlefish GravatarThanks for this. I am building a 501 diameter space station in starmade and it would have taken forever to figure out how to build it right without this.

Comment by: Fire on

Fire GravatarThis is one of the most helpful things I've ever found. Thanks!

Comment by: Floriaan on

Floriaan Gravatari kom from holland and i aim to such a program for building round circles for Minecraft

Comment by: RevVictorEliasi on

RevVictorEliasi GravatarJesse, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. It's wonderful to see the multitude of ideas and creations that people have put together. And with this generator, more ideas will manifest even more easily. Thank you and may our Creator continue to bless you with even more ideas. Cheers and namaste!

Comment by: minefreakster on

minefreakster Gravatarthx so helpful wish I could save the image and open it in paint

Comment by: Ali-M on

Ali-M GravatarThanx alot... this helped alot in my creation :D (y)

Comment by: Ed on

Ed Gravatarcan you add something where we can click on pixels to highlight them, or delete them? it got hard remembering where i was making a 111x111 circle.

Comment by: Anon on

Anon Gravatar

If you want to save the result to an image there is a way. If you look at the page source or use your browser's "inspect element" on the result, you'll see and svg tag.

<svg id="svg_circle" viewBox="0 0 924 924" height="3000px" width="3000px" xmlns="" style="">

from there copy the source to the closing svg tag, including the svg tags


Then you can take that and paste it into notepad and save as an SVG file, then you can open it in GIMP or some other software that supports SVG files.

Comment by: Deadman on

Deadman Gravatarif anyone could send me a really big version of a 1466 lenght circle, that would be great. beacause this is to small to show me the full thing in detail, and i need to know because i am making a replica of deep space nine replica on starmade, thanks for any help i get

Comment by: Erutuon on

Erutuon GravatarCan you create a feature by which you can break the circle or oval in half or quarters? That would help me use it to create the side of a building. You could use checkboxes for top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right quarters to make it more intuitive.

Comment by: Aether Power on

Aether Power GravatarThanks a ton! I'm at 80% on my Roman Colosseum on my friends server XD

Comment by: andrew on

andrew GravatarThis is not useful i wanted to make my circle have a middle but it never will with this chart

Comment by: Some1special on

Some1special GravatarAmazing tool for wannabe minecraft architects.. like me :)

Comment by: Austinthemighty on

Austinthemighty Gravatarit whould be so cool for an ios app, have you started working on it yet?
also xcode is free to download and use.

Comment by: Voloki on

Voloki GravatarI would suggest having it available so you can shade parts of the circle you have already completed, I think this would make it easier for people. I myself have to tab in and out to get the picture of the circle so I can copy it over to the game.I have a terrible memory, so I cannot remember where I left off.

If you were to add this, it would be fantastic. I would very happy if you were to add this.

Comment by: Brett on

Brett GravatarI like it but I find it meddlesome to have to count out every pixel and for mega build size shapes it doesn't zoom in enough for a block count to double check the accuracy
A text output that tells you how long of strips to build in order

Comment by: legoassassin57 on

legoassassin57 Gravatarthis is extremely helpful for building Starships in starmade :) thx ill never have a crooked USS Enterprise again

Comment by: Maffus on

Maffus GravatarI have found this very useful, though I use it for StarMade not Minecraft. It took a LONG time to build my 100*100 circle xD

Comment by: rebelgold on

rebelgold Gravatarthis is really helpful in my base
which has 20, 40, 80, 160, and 200 size circles

Comment by: Someguy on

Someguy GravatarWow, this is incredibly useful in a project of mine. Making a 505*505 circle is nigh impossible without it. :D

Comment by: Flyingbanana1 on

Flyingbanana1 GravatarThank you this has been invaluable to me in my build . the best ideas are always the simple ones

Comment by: Cliff T on

Cliff T GravatarI can't get it go below double digits, every time i completely remove a value form the box a get NAN it I I have to refresh the page.

Comment by: Richard Morgan on

Richard Morgan GravatarI just donated to the fund because I use the page so much in Everquest Landmark closed beta testing. The only issue I have is that for REALLY large circles it is very difficult to count out the squares. Is there any way to maybe make a larger picture when the numbers are larger? Thanks for such a useful tool. If only it could do pentagons and dodecahedrons I would be in heaven.

Comment by: Chaotic on

Chaotic GravatarI have been using this for a long time now, and it's been a great help in my builds. A great feature would be if you could only view a 1/4 of the circle if it's a circle or 1/2 if it's an oval as when I'm building circles with a diameter of over 500 I have to zoom in all the way on the scale factor, and then zoom in on the web page just to see the pattern.

But this is amazing, especially useful for the build of Thriller Bark I made, which if I was sane would have been a lot smaller but hey, I wanted it to be to scale so the diameter of the outer walls reached 575.

Comment by: J on

J GravatarIt would be nice if there was an easy way to count down, because I save and quit and I have to manually count back to where I was on a 720 diameter circle

Comment by: Paul2332 on

Paul2332 GravatarThanks! I use it all the time.
Is it possible the Circle Generator could
print out the coordinates of the perimeter pixels, given the center point?

Then I would donate!!!

Comment by: lamrdan on

lamrdan GravatarHelped at building a USS Enterprise :D

Comment by: justimtime on

justimtime GravatarNowhere could I find a chart that would give me a circle with a 253 block diameter (big big build) this thing is amazing and I now have it on my quick access on my kondle

Comment by: nicolasisinacage on

nicolasisinacage GravatarI got frustrated trying to make a big dome (I had only made little ones previously) and a quick google search turned this up. Thanks, man.

Comment by: Anonymous, expect us (JK) on

Anonymous, expect us (JK) Gravatarextreamly useful

Comment by: Cadet Petty Officer 3 Graham on

Cadet Petty Officer 3 Graham GravatarI tried to use plots on my tablet so I found you website and I love how I could zoom in like usual thanks a lot.

Comment by: Seth on

Seth GravatarI'd give you $60 if I had it, but hey, I'm just a loser who plays minecraft :P
keep up hopes though! i mean... like... i guess?

Comment by: T0X1CCAT on

T0X1CCAT Gravatarawesome it helped me build a skyblock build

Comment by: IsaacsLaughing on

IsaacsLaughing GravatarThe center line helps a lot! I had to use it to align screencaps of my circle. An option to save as image would be useful.

Comment by: Ssilver on

Ssilver GravatarThis tool is great! However, after making 10 circles that steadily get larger and larger, I noticed that the red color of the boxes starts hurting my eyes :( Is there any way to have a color changing option?

Comment by: Someone on

Someone GravatarReally neat thing! I like it :)
I'd donate you the missing $35 (by the time you are viewing this, it's probably not $35 anymore) if I could...
BTW I like the secret elephant, some really nice ASCII art... :D (poking in the source code :) )

Comment by: DragonBoy555 on

DragonBoy555 GravatarI wish you could see the center point

Comment by: christo2610 on

christo2610 GravatarThanks! now I can make my own circular arena!

Comment by: hgf on

hgf GravatarCan u reference me to a STAR generator? I'm trying to make Hammer Kirby, and I keep srewing up the star, help plz!?

Comment by: Waph on

Waph GravatarI made a really big thing out of circles.

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